Someone stop the PRESS because it has gotten out of hand with the SUPREME KINGS!

So SUPREME has once again shut the system down and not just at their store! YES, for all the SUPREME lovers the week was indeed hectic. SUPREME released a special edition METRO-CARD in NEW YORK and it sent the stations crazy. Now we all know how popular SUPREME is, especially in LA. FAIRFAX avenue can become jammed packed when SUPREME releases anything, causing lines to be around the corner and down the block! However, this particular release was for sure one for the books and it is still causing ripple effects.

The metro-card was a limited release and only a certain amount of cards were put into machines: Broadway-Lafayette Street, 125th Street, Queens Plaza, Marcy Ave, Atlantic Ave, Prince Street, Spring Street, and Union Square stations. The odds of getting your hands on this Metro-Card seemed slim to none from what I heard as they were dispensed at random along with normal cards. Normal train travelers began reporting long lines and delays at select stations. The Supreme Metro Card retailed for $5.50 at the Supreme store and $75 at metro stations and people were paying for them at random with their fingers crossed in hope to land one!

Well that seemed to be just one part of the situation at hand because now that the cards are sold out they are already on EBAY selling for anywhere between $100 – 1,000 USD. Now that’s what I call a real flip! And I do not mean a monetary flip. I mean a flip on the CULTURE. We all  know the after market prices for all this merchandise is always inflated on many levels. Now the inflation will be even higher, especially because this was the brands first time partnering with the MTA company. This will for sure open up the eyes of other carriers and brands to see how they can be a part of an ever so growing market. This is the true testament of collaborations being able to cross into new sectors because wherever the brand you love goes you typically do too and your money is attached. This is the NEW WORLD.

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè