Well, please allow me to be among the first to say, Mr. Ro James is here ladies and gentlemen! Ro, short for Ronnie has hit the scene smokin hotttttt!!!! And his new single, “PERMISSION”, has raised countless eyebrows as of late, including mine.

As we all know the music business has gone through it’s ups and downs on a few levels. One of which is the various changes in sound. Truth be told, many RnB artist have had a challenge  surviving in this season. With artists like FUTURE, making trap music as big as it is, you would think someone like RO would never make it out, but he did. Ro has a cutting edge look; but, most importantly, his sound creates the vibe of D’Angelo and Prince, accented with a hint of Bilal. Now what could be better?

Ro’s single, “PERMISSION”, makes a girl think that any mishap in love could turn around for the better. I know it seems as if the days of guys slow singing and flower bringing are long gone. However, if more artists like Ro continue to pop up, maybe it will dawn on a guy or a girl out there that love is love no matter how you slice it. And I totally think Ro understands that. Music carries an energy and Ro’s music screams LOVE all day and night.

If you have not heard it be sure to peek in on him online or tune into your nearest radio station because they are definitely spinning it! I GIVE YOU THE GREEN LIGHT!


Signning Off
-Tasha Boue`