Well there is no better time of the year for Cris and I than NEW YORK FASHION WEEK! It is what brings the spice to our lives, and spring/summer 16 has arrived. This week has been a crazy week in NEW YORK as always! Of course look one had to be COSTUME NATIONAL as usual they are fresh off the press. This navy blue look is a smash! Blue is the color of the season and is a sure sign of confidence.


Next up is the John Elliott monochromatic look, and it is killer! Now the monochromatic look is something many try to pull off, and it does not work often but John made a way. The texture changes in the materials are simply magnificent and could not have been done better in my opinion. Runway is about being cutting edge and as bold as you could possibly be and this look did it. This is what FASHION WEEK is all about.


Of course we had to do it one time for the one time for our  friends over at PUBLIC SCHOOL! The extended tee has raided everyone’s closet, but not the jacket! And not only is the jacket dope but the monochromatic theme was in heavy rotation to a certain extent. The layering game has gotten serious over the past 2 seasons and PUBLIC SCHOOL found a way to make you love it just that much more. I truly love the forward thinking, this is a brand that will be around for many many years to come.


Well we all know GREG LAUREN is the go to brand for high end materials, and if you did not know here is an update. Greg brought the best of the best out this week as usual and it was a for sure attention getter. The light color options are always solid and transition well through seasons. The hood attachment is what really got my attention hoods always make the greatest accessories in my opinion. I was most excited about the tan and green collaboration, the marriage of great colors is what it is all about and takes your look to the next level.


And last but not least we have the GOD of brands PRADA! Now this look is the one take it from me, and I am not just saying that because it’s monochromatic. PRADA is known to live outside the box and that is that! The strings that hang give you this visual of of the layering effect, that is what I thought was pretty cool. It is hard to constantly reinvent yourself but the PRADA brand has done so effortlessly for many years! This is what I truly look forward to, FASHION WEEEK would not be fashion week without them.


Signing Off

-Tasha Bouè