🦋Guess who is bizack from such a beautiful and fulfilling trip abroad during the European fashion week run. A journey that I take once a year to London, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam and this time Ibiza to explore and shine bright, connect with dope creatives and check out some cool fashion of course.🦋

🌈This time, while I was on my personal pilgrimage, God unveiled a truth that perhaps I have been ignoring or running away from for quite some time. And this truth is rather simple, yet at the same time, can take years, decades and even lifetimes to discover and understand. I guess it’s the type of truth that you have to allow to be birthed and I am thankful that this trip, I was in alignment and my heart was open to receive this divine message.🌈

⏳The Creator whispered into my ear, “Cristen, my beautiful daughter. I knew you before I manifested you in the flesh. You are infinite my child for I live within you. Therefore, everything that you are searching for and everything you thought you lost – lives within you because I AM EVERYTHING. Therefore, so are you. You are infinite my child. You are love unconditional. REMEMBER. BELIEVE. & KNOW.⌛️

🙏As you can imagine, I was so overwhelmed with the grace and mercy and unwavering love of God that tears of joy incessantly fell and a peace that surpasses all understanding began to comfort me. And …….. I just had to share this revelation with you all as the divine spark that lives in me, lives in you also.🙏

🙌So, let’s love fearlessly and forgive triumphantly and GLOW UP together. Let us REMEMBER. Let us BELIEVE. & let us KNOW and OVER-STAND from where we came and who we are as we experience life on this planet.🙌

💜I love you all. Keep shining your authentic lights on the world.💜

💜Love & Light☀️,