Has it really been 13 years? I guess it has. In 2003, Louis Vuitton released their Multicolor Monogram with the intention of breathing contemporary life into its traditional Monogram collection. It was the trendsetting eye of Japanese designer/artist Takashi Murakami who brought voluminous color to the iconic Monogram by adding a bright and variety color palette.

This collection achieved the brand’s most successful run, claiming fame to the highest in sales and longest run in all of LV’s unique collections. While Murakami spearheaded the design, some credit MUST be given to the visionary Marc Jacobs, who at the time of the collection’s release, was the creative director at Louis Vuitton. Under Jacobs direction, the French Fashion house quickly created a youthful, spirited and artistic culture which was ultimately reflected in the collection pieces. The creative shift was so inviting that various pieces were worn by celebrities practically over night and selling out worldwide.

Just around the time the Multicolor monogram was released, I was in college in Philadelphia. Obsessed with modeling and fashion, I found myself often traveling back and forth to New York City. One of my not so fond memories involves a stroll down “knock-off” row, otherwise known as Canal Street. Like all avid Louis Vuitton collectors, I had to have the Multicolor monogram bag, but found myself heart broken to see them strung about lines, in secret rooms, tucked behind corner stores and accentuating the awnings of Chinese Restaurants. It was at this time also that I was becoming a master of fashion authenticity. I remember being so worried that people could easily purchase a copy and have the “fake” version of my pricey authentic bag, that I stopped carrying it just.

Till this day, the life of this particular design in circulation surprises me. While many held the bag as a staple piece in their wardrobe, often worn more frequently than not. Mine sat on a shelf like a trophy going unworn for six years before I gave it away.

Just as the fun, young, wild and crazy college girls grew up, the LV Multicolor Monogram for me, was a fashion phase that eventually grew up. Kudos to those who still are out there carrying it and to those who see it as a classic, but for me it’s so long and sayonara, but only for that style. I am still as excited as ever to see what’s next on the horizon for the brand and anxiously await the next  innovative Louis Vuitton design .

–  Valarie Barnett, HOC Contributor