Last night was such an empowering and successful night. A real cool and memorable moment. Why? Well, not because everything was perfect. And not because our original venue cancelled on us 48 hrs before the actual launch, presenting us with the unforeseen challenge of having to case a new venue in the smack of NYFW, 1 day before our launch 😱.
Yes, last night was not a magical moment because of the aforementioned truths. Last night was a success because we arrived at our destination within just one goal of the trillion goals we have as creative human beings and visionaries on this planet. We set out to do something and we did it. We came, we saw and we conquered, triumphing over our fears, our differences, our shortcomings and the challenges that first appeared like they presented setbacks, but in all honesty, pushed us to produce an even better night than any of us could have imagined.
The journey of an entrepreneur can be quite a bumpy ride as success does not come over night and it most certainly comes with its ups and downs. However, where there are challenges, we found that there are even greater opportunities which lead to innovation and pure greatness. The journey is like a roller coaster, especially in the beginning stages, but the key is to never give up as, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal and it is the courage to continue that counts the most.” (Winston Churchill –
Lessons on lessons on lessons, blessings on blessings on blessings.
We want to send a special shot out and thank you to all of our friends and supporters from all around the world who stopped by to celebrate the launch of Heart of Cool: Jay from Le Medaillon, Wecliq, DJ Just Dizle, DJ Mike Jones, The Canterbury Tales, Estelle, DK, Piro Team, Coleman Entertainment Group and the list goes on. It was truly beautiful and inspiring to feel all of the love, respect and support coming from million light years away. Everyone was fly and dapper and rather spirited as NYFW was rounding up. We felt rather blessed to have such a romantic evening under the stars on the rooftop engulfed by New York City fashion, art and love.