Tadasana (tah-dahs-anna) – Mountain Pose

Your posture says a lot about your physical and mental health. Slouching is known to cause breathing issues, low confidence, negative moods, spinal abnormalities, and the list goes on. You’re probably slouching at this very moment, reading from your phone or on your computer. Take a moment to breathe deeply in your slouched posture.

How do you feel? 

Now, stand up. If you can, step both feet together, with your big toes touching. If not, separate your feet hips-width distance apart. Without poking out your chest, roll your shoulders back to stand tall. Let your arms rest by your side. Roll the weight on the outside of your feet, which will lift the arch on the inside. Take a deep inhale in and exhale out.

How do you feel? Was there a difference between your slouched posture and Tadasana?

Tadasana or Mountain Pose is the foundation for all standing poses. Its benefits are vast to your daily life and yoga practice. You can do this many times a day to relieve stress, strengthen your breath, while simultaneously grounding the mind, body, and spirit. Other benefits of Mountain Pose include spinal correction, pain relief, and the strengthening of leg and back muscles.

It can be difficult to notice the burdens we put on our bodies by simply moving through life when we’re not in tune. It’s important to survey yourself and make necessary adjustments. For the beginner yogi, practice Tadasana at least five times a day. For the intermediate & beyond, contemplate how often you practice Tadasana and add more to your practice. Check in with your self daily. Remember to stand tall & breathe deeply. Thank yourself for committing to these moments.