This year’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Annual Costume Institute exhibition and Met Gala put on by the illustrious Anna Wintour, was in honor of avant-garde designer Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons.

And although there were a few dresses that were stunning and gorgeous and nothing short of jaw dropping, the fearless woman that flawlessly embodied the essence of Rei Kawakubo‘s magic was none other than Miss Rihanna. Yes, Bad Girl Ri Ri dazzled all who met her gaze in an unparalleled way.

With all eyes on her, Rihanna used her star power to pay the utmost homage to Kawakubo’s daring and adventurous Comme Des Garçons magical runway creation. The color scheme was delectable with various hues of red and champagne pink with hints of white and blue floral prints. And her Moulin Rouge red Dsquared2 shoes that endlessly laced up her legs complimented the moment perfectly.

While the Met Gala red carpet is a stage for daring, experimental, outside of everyday “practical use” design, the styles still do speak to the wearer themselves. And only Rihanna could pull off this bold, deconstructed, “no-fucks-given” ensemble. As a person who spent her early adulthood in the public eye, we’ve seen her evolve from a coy, cute island girl into a self-possessed pop warrior celebrity. 2005 “Pon de Replay” Rihanna could have easily fizzled out and wasted away in one-hit-wonderland like so many others. But more an asteroid than a shooting star, she’s beautiful but unafraid of confrontation. And that’s why Rihanna was perfect for this outfit on fashion’s biggest night. The froth of flowers and collage of different pieces presents a femininity that’s unobtrusive but has to be confronted. It says, “You do you, but don’t fuck with me slaying at being me.” Indeed, that’s what Rihanna brings to the pop trinity that is her, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. Queen B brings the regality, Nicki the fight, and Rihanna, the black sheep, brings the right to exist in your truth for just yourself, whether that truth is bad, good, pretty, broken, unresolved, loud, quiet, simple or varied and nuanced. And that, friends, is called cool.

Living authentically is cool.

Clothes are clothes but fashion breathes and takes on life when it’s in sync with who you are as a person. It’s an extension of your higher self. We’ve all had those blessed days when the planets align and the right outfit just clicks. The right pieces fall out of your closet because for once they’re all clean at the same time. And on those days when fabric and soul connect and you’re at peak you, everybody can feel that energy radiating out of you like the goddamn star you truly are.

Fashion is Art and Art is vulnerability. It takes courage to wear your heART on your sleeve and it takes divine inspiration that emanates from within to seamlessly become one with wearable Art.

Miss Ri Ri, this moment gets the heART of Cool STAMP. They say go big or go home and honey, you took this statement colossally to another level!

💜Love & Light☀️,