It’s hard to believe that we only have one more day left in 2015 – this seems to have been one of the quickest years known to man.  However, as with any other year 2015 was filled with many highs, lows, and unbelievable events that no one would’ve ever been able to predict.  While the highlights of this crazy year are endless below are moments that stood out for crew at Heart of Cool.


Yeezy Boost

Mr. Kanye West showed up and showed out this year with his adidas collaboration which birthed the Yeezy Boost 350. The coveted shoe was first released in Canada and Europe and sold out in less than an hour. After it was released in the US, in 15 minutes, Adidas declared that they were sold out as well. Sneaker heads all over the world lined up all over the world to cop the trainer for $200.



Number one on Time’s top 25 Best Inventions of 2015 is none other than one of Heart of Cool’s favorite creation, the hover boards. Whether you call them oxboards, power boards, self-balancing scooters or whatever else you select to name them, one thing that is for sure is that these devices have revolutionized the way that humans can be transported on their own two feet. Despite the rumors of recalls and the laws that are being enforced because of the countless adventurers that dare to dive into the future, we are enchanted and inspired by the innovation that lies behind this movement.

microsoft-hololens-release-priceMicrosoft Hololens

With all of the challenges and struggles in this life who wouldn’t want a way to escape the “real world” and trade it in for a little taste of virtual reality? I know I sure am dazzled and enchanted with the offer. And as a consequence of the Microsoft Hololens, people of all ages can venture into another world, a virtual world, where reality is augmented and holograms and data overlay onto existing landscapes according to designer Alex Kipman. Nasa has sure caught on as they are already taking advantage of the technology and using the innovation to mimic terrain on Mars.

531a558b04541.image Star Apartments 

With Los Angeles, CA being one of the most notorious locations for homelessness, we had to pay homage to Maltzan, who collaborated with a local nonprofit, Skid Row Housing Trust. For decades, housing for the homeless has too often meant transient shelters or warehouse-­like abodes.

Designed by Michael Maltzan, L.A.’s Star Apartments aims to buck that trend by design; it functions more like a minivillage than a single building, says Maltzan of his third collaboration with Skid Row Housing Trust, a local nonprofit. In addition to 102 prefabricated studios, which are ingeniously staggered into four terraced stories, Star Apartments offers a ground-floor medical clinic and, above that, a garden, an outdoor running track and space for classrooms. The goal, says Maltzan, is to make the residents of its 300-sq.-ft. units—who are handpicked by the county department of health ­services—feel “like they’re part of a dynamic and intimate community,” a strategy that can help people, especially those struggling with homelessness and substance-­abuse issues, re-­establish stability in their lives.—Richard Lacayo

unnamed-1 Teen Brothers Build A Browser That Puts Google to Shame
Innovation is the thing that keeps the world spinning as we know it, well these 2 young men prove that. 13 and 15 year old brothers Anesi and Osine Ikhianosime built something around their need. The Nigerian brothers were fed up with the slow operation of google chrome so they built something better. The duo are regular teenagers they attend school in Lagos, love their friends and clearly coding as well! The young problem solvers got tired of waiting for google chrome to load on there phones so decided to do something about it other that complain. They built something called Crocodile Browser Lite. It is up and ready for download on google play! Both Anesi and his brother are coders who are self taught, they learned through reading books and had already had a knack for computers.The crocodile browser app has been doing rather well and has received positive ratings by google. With the app release they have had about 2,517 downloads to date which is quite well for a 13 and 15 year old! Now this is definetly one for the books and will help me make better use of my time!


donald trump make america great.pngDonald Trump’s Run for Presidency 

Now this is one thing, I don’t think anyone would’ve have seen coming 10 years ago. Though “The Donald” has always been a political commentator, he’s always stayed on the sidelines and involved in what he’s most know and respected for, business. Not only has Donald Trump put his bid in for the GOP candidacy but he’s actually leading the Republican race. Whether you love, hate, or in a rare case – indifferent towards him this has been one site to see!

justice_or_else_600x436-600x403Racial Unrest in American Cities Due to Police Brutality 

Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray – the list of unarmed Black victims murdered by the police continues and has 2015 feeling more like 1965. With a lack of indictments on all of the aforementioned cases and more, there have been countless protests, marches, riots, and civil uprisings in cities all across America. The most notable being the historic Justice or Else! Million Man March in Washington, DC this past October.


Bruce Jenner Becomes Caitlin 

Much like Trump’s run for Presidency, years ago many would have never believed that superstar Olympic gold medal winning, Bruce Jenner, would ever be a transgender woman named Caitlin. Though many Hollywood insiders have alluded to the fact that the woman formally known as Bruce was in transition it seemed way too far fetched for anyone to ever believe or for credible media sources to report on it until his record breaking Vanity Fair cover.  In recent years, Jenner has been somewhat overshadowed by the Kardashian name and brand but with a reality show all her own, Caitlin Jenner, is now center stage and changing the face of transgender people in America.


unnamed-3 Swizz Beats, ” NO COMMISSION”

Swizz Beats took his gallery on the road to Miami Art Basel. This move caused a total shift in the Art community! The “No Commission” exhibit reached 1,053,745 which is practically unheard of in the Art community, the selling of that much art at once is only known to Scope. The most exciting part is that the Artist in the exhibit got to keep 100% of their sales. That in itself spoke volumes about Swizz Beats and his desire to be a part of the Art culture! We are sure he will have something just as great next year, and in turn inspire the galleries to re think their structure for artist.


unnamed-2Drake Vs.  Meek Mill

Well of course one of our top moments goes to Drake and Meek Mill. Something so small  ended up so big. All in all it worked itself out, Drake ended up with an amazing album and Meek is now up for A Oscar! I think the biggest task at hand for Meek is staying free. Now this should make 2016 all that more exciting,Congrats to them both! The summer will be just that much hotter for sure.


“HELLO”! Need  we say more……..

6. To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar (video above)
March 16, 2015

The fact that King Kendrick Lamar is nominated for 4 Grammy’s (Best Rap Performance, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Rap Album) is a true reflection that the Grammys still know how to recognize good music that is not bound by hype or commercialism. “To Pimp a Butterfly” is truly a Classic Hip Hop Album created by an authentic, poetic and courageous human being that speaks his truth and knows the power of staying on his thrown. Congratulations King Lamar. We salute you!

Now that we gave you the break down on our top moments of the year – tell us which moments meant the most to you this year in the comments below!