HORRIFIC: what happens when the city government decides to switch their water supply from the pristine waters of the Great Lakes (Lake Huron), just 70 miles from its shores, to a corrosive water source (Flint River) ALL TO SAVE MONEY? Well you better believe that the end result is nothing but TRAGIC because the access to clean drinking water becomes toxic with one of the most lethal elements , LEAD.


And who suffers the most, the city’s CHILDREN, as they are forced to battle for their lives with their severe low immune systems and spiked blood-levels they now have due to drinking the hazardous, murky and dirty water that their parents have been complaining to the city about for months.


To know that the residents of Flint paid some of the highest prices for water in the US just to find out that they were polluting their very own children, is a traumatic CRIME that everyone in America should raise hell about. Governer Snyder has declared a public state of Emergency. HeART of COOL is declaring this to be yet another global act against HUMANITY.


Check out the video to see the devastation caused.

💜Love & Light🌞,