The brainchild of freelance writer Eric Simms, “The Visionary’s Manifesto” was conceptualised to be a platform that focuses on those individuals and larger entities that have become consciously aware of their life’s purpose and are utilising those precious gifts to encourage, empower, uplift, evolve and perhaps plant the seeds of authentic love of self, using the so-called ripple effect of each one teach one. In coordination with Heart of Cool, “The Visionary’s Manifesto” will be featuring a weekly post of unique individuals and/or entities that articulate their visions through the expression of their life’s calling.


Upon deciding who to choose for our very first entry out of a wide field of visionary’s to post on the Heart of Cool blog site, we wanted to go big, so to speak, by going small and focus on a deserving individual. A person who has made a choice to devote their life energies towards actively impacting the lives of others with the intention of helping them to reset their goals and become pro-active in creating stronger bodies in motion through physical fitness. Allow me to present our choice for the very first submission from The Visionary’s Manifesto:

Mr. David Franklin a personal fitness trainer extraordinaire who has taken personal training to new heights by not only developing healthy fitness plans for his clients bodies but he incorporates that same motivational energy in his own unique brand of daily inspirational posts via Facebook.


VM: First we would like to thank you David for allowing our audience to get a deep personal birds eye view into the vision of the man behind the muscle. How did you first come about creating your unique platform within the physical fitness industry?

DF: I started my fitness career in the United States Air Force in 1996.

VM: What events have helped to shape your desire to create your brand and step out with a clear sense of self to become one of DC’s premier fitness trainers?

DF: My business is very personal. I have worked with various demographics, but I find that I prefer working with the 40 plus crowd. We have different needs as we age. I like helping my clients set realistic goals.

Life is constantly changing. We either adapt to life’s changes or we get left behind. Earlier this year my studio space was sold. With that studio space no longer being available, I decided to close the studio and to change my business model. I now offer online coaching and in-home training only. The transition went very well. I was able to keep all of my clients as well as expand my reach with the online coaching. Life is good!

VM: What do you want your clients to gain from the experience of working with you as they achieve their fitness goals?

DF: Helping my clients develop healthy habits is always my goal. Everything starts with a habit.

VM: As a personal trainer, you are charged with motivating your clients through a series of challenging workouts but what keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

DF: I am motivated by life. Everyday is another opportunity to grow and improve.

VM: How would you articulate your vision as it relates to personal training and where do you see it evolving

DF: Online coaching is the wave of the future. It is more economical for the masses and with technology I am able to deliver a good experience.

VM: Here’s a two part question: What do you love most about your life? What would you change about the journey you have experienced thus far?

DF: I love growing and evolving. I can honestly say that I would not change a thing about my life.

VM: David we here at The Visionary’s Manifesto want to thank you for allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of who you are not only as a personal trainer but as a man with a vision. I would like to give you the last word and give our audience a take away from your perspective as a motivational experience.

DF: Good health is all about finding balance. A balance of food, rest, exercise and spirit. If you are not happy, it will manifest itself in the physical world. I believe that we are a product of our thinking.

My motto and tag line is, Eat, Move & Be Healthy!

Click here to visit David L. Franklin Facebook page.

💜Love & Light🌞,