Greetings Dear One!

To begin this post I would like to start by reminding you how important you have been in so many lives thus far. You have affected and changed the lives of countless friends, family members and strangers passing by. Without you, so many of us would be without a great Source of power. Be sure to give yourself credit for your passed achievements as well as future aspirations. You are here with a great purpose.


The process of studying your mind is fairly simple. You may first start by sitting with an erect spine in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Sit comfortable and begin by taking three complete breaths. Allow your entire belly to balloon with air. First breathe into your lower abdomen; second fill your ribs and third breath into your chest cavity. Exhale gently using the lower abdominal muscles, followed by the ribs and lastly dropping the chest. Repeat this three times then return to a normal breathing pattern.


Your goal is to focus upon your breath. It is normal for the mind to wander into thought, once you become aware that you are thinking and not focused on the breath, simply make a verbal comment with one word such as “Thinking, thinking” then return the focus back to your breath. You may repeat this pattern, allowing the mind to float from thought to thought then returning back to the breath gently. With this practice you will discover just how your mind operates, where it goes and what it does moment to moment. You may also begin to label other tendencies such as “Imaging” “Worrying” “Visualizing” “Remembering” “Planning” whatever arises within. You can also practice being mindful of what sounds you hear, allow the sounds to become your main focus then gently return back to your breath. This practice can also be repeated with what aromas you smell around you, followed by returning to your breath. You can watch your mind through this practice and begin to learn more about yourself.


Practice carrying this level of mindfulness with you daily, you will gain priceless information about yourself and how you interact with the world around you.

To gain a deeper understanding of this style of meditation, visit the link below:

Sending you love and healing energies,
Kyle Polansky