When a  networking  meets a  swiping app you get PIF. PIF, which stands for Pay It Forward, is a brand new app   created to make networking with those around you with just a swipe.  Essentially if Tinder and LinkedIN had a baby it’d create something exactly like PIF.

The aptly-dubbed Tinder for networking entrepreneurs looks to help people within a specific industry meet each other. Starting with the start-up community, the app features familiar left/right swipe options depending on whether or not you want to connect with each user.  Users has a profile and a short bio which is  verified using your Facebook account much like other similar apps. Once a match has been made, the two networkers are able to converse.

What seems to be most beneficial for PIF above other networking sites like LinkedIn  is the opportunity for users to be placed in a conversation with someone they wish to meet, without a mutual request from the other person. Though this may seem unwarranted, the app acts on a “Pay It Forward” system, where users can start an unsolicited chat with someone for every unsolicited chat they accept. The app is available now on both iOS and Android.

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