After traveling to NY, London, Milan and Paris on the first annual Heart of Cool international fashion week tour  after much consideration and contemplation, I can confidently say that there was one fashion show that inspired me most and took my imagination by storm. This was none other than Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s airport terminal installation in the Grand Palais in the romantic capital of the world, Paris, France. 
The world’s  who’s who checked in for their flight rather early to take off on the Chanel Fashion Runway. Lagerfeld took his creative genius and time to present a “happy airport”, where everyone was flying high and had a first class view of what the Chanel Spring 2016 collection had to offer next year’s fashion goers. Talk about an airport in style and in fashion that no man or woman on this planet has ever seen. 
Lagerfeld successfully created a utopian  airport that was  a once in a lifetime experience. From colorful patterned tweeds to comfy stylish flats and wicked prints, pleasantly unexpected long skirts and a smorgasbord of captivating fabrics to feast your eyes on, Lagerfeld did not miss a beat. He presented a traditional high end brand in an unconventional and colorful way, encompassing many elements of inspiration and wonder. 

– Cris