As Cris and I were riding down Labrea the other day we saw this this guy riding on a device that was quite intriguing, it had one wheel and he was standing sideways! It was like a skateboard but different,  it was something we hadn’t seen before for sure. We were so captivated by it that we had to know what it was. We immediately started researching and came across something that was really similar that lead us to what is called the “One Wheel“.

The one wheel is a one wheeled device that you stand up on sideways and ride! The proper term for it is a electric self balancing skateboard. It’s said that it feels like surfing or snow boarding on powder, now that’s gotta be a smooth ride! It goes up to about 12mph top speed for about 4 to 6 miles. Prices start at about $1,299 which in my opinion isn’t pretty bad for something as multi functional as it is. What Cris and I loved most is that it’s own by entrepreneurs! The company is a start up and is fairly new, they have a Kickstarter campaign going currently where you can purchase the one wheel

They say you’re suppose to learn something new everyday and daily we share it with you. 
– Tash