My apologies for last week as I was unable to post the Turn’t Up Sober Chronicles Week 4. Art Basel had Tash and I beyond consumed and caught up in a magically surreal and exhilarating experience in the midst of the challenges and despite the unyielding torrential rains that marked this year’s Art Basel in Miami, FL.
Everyone around me was drinking and I definitely wanted to join them. In fact I know that I had to sound like a broken record to Tash because there were a myriad of times that I expressed my desire to have a drink. And it wasn’t just the challenges that served as the catalyst to my desire to partake in the flow of libations as producing an event and managing people can definitely bring some hectic moments. It was also because I wanted to celebrate and be merry as they say. There was a divine energy exchanged with all those who made it to Art Basel with us this year. And it was also a bit nostalgic as Tash and I were indeed blessed to be at Basel curating and launching another company for the third year in a row. And so, yes, I wanted to toast to that most of all.
BUT, in the end, I stuck to my commitment that I made to myself and in my own way, I toasted to myself for loving myself enough to give my body a break and live alcohol free for 1 year. And although, it’s only been a month, I am looking forward to the 11 more months I have to go. I know that it will be a challenge and the fact that it has been such a challenge already is evidence that this mission of sobriety for one year was actually very much needed.
You see, picking up bad habits is actually rather easy, especially for a Scorpio in the middle of the Wild Wild West of Hollywood and entertainment. I consider drinking to be a bad habit that I have developed that I most likely should nip in the bud now as opposed to later. And according to Dr. Patricia A Frarrell, a clinical psychologist in Englewood, N.J. and author of How to Be your Own Therapist, “every single bad habit can be broken.”
Life is a journey and the journey is all about purpose, process and sacrifice. I can honestly say that I am patient enough with myself and I love myself enough to see this process all the way through intentionally. And that is one of the most beautiful revelations revealed thus far through it all.
BLESSED. Way up. I AM.
?Love & Light☀️,