Most know the Atlanta born rapper, Killer Mike, for his southern slang, Dungeon Family affiliation, and perhaps his occasional activism or roles on TV and movies. However, Killer Mike has most recently made a name of himself in the business world through his latest enterprise, The Swag Shop.

Entering into the long revered business of barbering, Killer Mike has set out to resurrect the art of male grooming in urban cities across America. With his first location in Atlanta, he’s now scouting a second location in New Orleans with a goal of having 150 franchises across the nation.

In his interview with Noisey, Mike states that he never wanted to just be dependent on rap and he’s clearly done a great job of finding new revenue streams while providing soul fueling services to his own community. The documentary follows him  through the streets of New Orleans as he discusses the impact of barber shop culture within a community and why it has been an integral part of his personal and professional growth.

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