When Cris and I travel we come across so many amazing people and things. It’s the most beautiful thing. This article is by far one of my personal favorites, only because they say you are suppose to learn something new everyday…and this is one for the books.

While everyone knows Mercedes Benz as a car company, for the first time ever Mercedes has stepped outside its car conventions and built a surf board! Yes, Mercedes and its AMG partner have come together to create the first high end surf board for record holding big wave rider Garrett McNamara. As a record holding rider, Garret and Mercedes-Benz were a perfect match. Mercedes figured Garrett’s accomplishments and record holding title made him the perfect candidate to test out a custom board. Garrett, who hits waves at about 50mph, knew exactly what the board would need to endure to the strength of the ocean.

With amazing shine and enough strength to allow wave riding, Garrett made it clear that no one could have pulled this off the way Benz did and I must say I definitely agree. I am not a surfer but to all whom are– kudos to you. I believe the connection made with nature while in high waters reflects that of life and knowing what to do in the deep. The fearlessness needed to surf speaks volumes about the people who do it! People like Garret and companies like Mercedes-Benz are prime examples of this and they took the chance to ride the wave into limitless technological innovations. It is truly exciting to see!

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