At an abandoned train station seduced by crimson surroundings and a smoke-filled runway, Alessandro Michele presented his Fall 2016’s men’s collection in Milan, Italy yesterday. To Heart of Cool’s surprise, the spirit of David Bowie was alive on the runway as a model wore a gucci black cardigan that was embroidered with birds and a big red heart with “Bowie” written in white across the back. During a time when creatives and people across the world are still coming to grips with the unexpected passing of Bowie, Michele wasted no time to express his heart-felt appreciation for Bowie’s legacy of invention and art by paying homage to the pop icon, who lost his life just a week ago from liver cancer.

Heart of Cool was indeed moved and inspired with the incorporation of the musical legend yesterday. Fashion and music within the context of culture have intersected countless times; and, when combined, can produce a powerful and authentic experience connected to the product, which ends up creating an impact way bigger than the product itself.

I don’t know about you all, but as far as I am concerned this cardigan is unisex and I want one. Click here
to visually check out some of the fashion highlights out of the 50 looks presented during the Men’s Gucci Fall Fashion 2016 runway show such as the thin black chokers, fist full of rings, Kangaroo fur-lined plaid loafers and Snoopy and Woodstock tops.


And to David Bowie: rest in POWER and in PEACE and, most importantly,  in LOVE.

💜Love & Light🌞,