Today is the day that made it all clear for those who ever wondered if RIHANNA was a star. RIHANNA dresses like the last woman on Earth for the SEPTEMBER 2016 issue of W. Taking it up a few notches, she lets her ensembles speak for her as she morphs into a queen with chains, metal keys and mind blowing designer pieces, which if I might mention were all made by Margiela, Prada, Christian Dior, and others that stand alongside Mad Max esque men and muzzled dogs!


Now this is what I call taking it to the next level, as we know RIHANNA has been reinventing herself since the beginning. This makes perfect since why she is able to shine as much as she has been and will continue I am sure. It is such a big deal that she got the cover of W magazine as I know that to be one of the harder publications to get on only because I did the cover when I was 25 and they thought I was too young to show them anything but I killed any way. As many covers as I have done I remember this one in particular because it wasn’t as glitzy and glammy as I thought and that shoot set the tone for the rest of my carreer. I truly was able to understand it took work. Congrats RIHANNA and to our good friend SUNNY DE SOSA.

Signing Off!
-Tasha Bouè