Now, life is crazy and truly has a way of working itself all the way out. You may not have the best of much, but the right partner and a lot of love most certainly goes a long way.


KANYE WEST and KIMYE KARDASHIAN WEST, have proven this first hand! Just a few days ago KW and KKW took to the cover of the HARPERS BAZAAR and it was nothing short of a moment in time. The couple had a photo shoot at their staged house in BEL-AIR as they await the final touches on their mansion that is being built from the ground up. As we all know, KANYE and KIM were living with KIM’S mom for quite some time and they were ready to make a serious move, so why not just build a house! And build a house, they sure are doing.


KANYE mentions how he would like to have an out door shower which is quite my speed if I might add. KIM begins to talk about how in love she is with KANYE and how much of a great guy he is to her. She also mentioned how much she loves his legs which sounds random, but is definitely one of those decision making assets and not unbeleiveable at all. In this article,  KANYE begins to share how much he loves KIM and salutes her heart and appreciates her taking care of their children as well as sticking by his side.


I found this quite dynamic in reading the article because it gave you a clear snap shot of what a real relationship is and those simple things you want in a partner. The photo shoot was of course shot by MR.KARL LAGERFIELD, who is great friends with the couple and would virtually do anything for the 2. The photos are great and give you an idea of what goes on in the WEST residence. This is by far one of the best spreads they have done in my opinion. Using brands like PRADA, CHANEL, and YEEZY of course for the shots added just that much more texture.

BAZAAR really knows how to come in and get the scoop and share it at the highest level possible!

Signing Off!