LET’S FACE IT, our precious gems called children did not come with owners manuals like cars. However, God still has a divine purpose for their life. It is an illusion to think parents are in control of their children’s destiny! God chose our children and appointed their parents to train His children the way Proverbs 22:6 instructed.


Train up A Child The Way He or She Should Go When He Is Old He or She Will Not Turn From IT “

Now, this scripture didn’t mean stifle our children or make all their choices. This scripture hints to the reality that, yes, us parents, play a colossal part in developing our children’s foundation to navigate and truly prosper in this world we live in. However, at the same time, parents have a responsibility to discern their children’s individuality and their unique strengths that Creator gave each child.   Although we must not exclude the behavior of a self – willed child, we are called to seek help to understand what the needs are and find programs tailored to their individuality and their capabilities without judgement.


As a parent of four, I’ve made many mistakes.   I wanted to make most of the decisions and choices for my children, not realizing how this cripples their future. And as a result of making decisions out of fear; although I thought I was making decisions out of love, I missed the joy and wonder of seeing my children’s decision making process come to fruition so I could learn more about how unique, wonderfully and fearfully made each child was. When we teach children they don’t have to be perfect, but rather, focus on making progress; this enables them to be free to fail and keep it moving with VICTORY !!!

So to all my parents across the globe, please teach and train your children the Creator’s divine principles and “Let Go and Let God.”
And instead of hovering over every step your children make, pray and grace them with love, faith and trust; for these virtues are imperative to conquer the trials and tribulations of life.

Throughout my joyful and painful journey as a mom, my most profound revelation as it relates to motherhood is that children stand a better chance of choosing the right path when they make their own decisions. And one of our responsibilities as parents is not to get this truth twisted no matter how challenging it may be!

Train our precious children to choose the right path according to divine wisdom and do not compromise! Teach all children that a purposed filled life requires focus, a positive attitude, sacrifice and an unwavering belief in one’s self. And help empower all children to live a purposed filled life with a positive attitude understanding that they can do all things through the Creator, who strengthens them!

Our Children Are The Gems Of The World !!!

💜Love & Light🌞,
Anna Louise Mills