You can always tell when Summer is around the corner. The gym memberships soar to new heights, Class Passes sky rocket and the juice bar lines can sometimes be out of this world. The bottom line is, almost everyone is working on their bathing suit body and shedding those extra pounds that the hibernation during the cold months mixed with macaroni and cheese, creamy mashed potatoes and rich pasta may have gifted them. So, while the annual 10 to 20 pound weight loss campaign is happening everywhere at the same time, I thought I would share with you a few bathing suits that have set a new bar of excitement to go along with your anticipated uber cool summer adventures.


Sexy and sheer with a carnival sequin aesthetic and located at Shop House of Labels, this bathing suit is suited for the sexy girl with a mermaid and elegant unicorn type of energy. The deep, vibrant and bold colors stand out and the prints cover up the right spots perfectly. And we love to have options, so whether you are feeling a low rise or high rise bottom or a crop top or strapless top, this designer has you covered. You may just want to grab both so you can mix and match.


This beautiful rustic orange bikini came to me by compliments of Zaful’s Instagram and I just had to screenshot it of course. It is a complex simplistic creation with a multifunctional aesthetic. And if you are like me and are well endowed in the gluteus maximums area, this bikini is perfect!!!! The bottoms are cut in such a way that all of your assets will fit comfortably; and, you are sure to channel an uber sexy energy with the peekaboo sides that provide a unique perspective to anyone that catches a glimpse at how you decided to put it together on that particular day! PLUS: the material is one where you may just want to wear your bikini top either for a high powered workout or a sporty day out!


This beauty I have named SKIN. A light less is more kind of caramel color top combined with an explosive peach, pink and brown snakeskin skinny bottom. If you are feeling super confident with your beach bod, why not take it up a few notches and get really free spirited, but in a seemless way that marries your cool with your inner desire to free in the skin you are in.


And who said black was dull, basic and safe. This sexy vogue stunter will outshine any color with the right swag of course. Illustrious, tempting and oozing “don’t believe me, just watch” type of energy and silently whispering bold elegance; this black diamond gem are for all my regal, beautiful and empowered divas across the globe.

💜Love & Light🌞,