If anyone loves a cool pair of shades, it definitely is me, myself and I. In fact, truth be told, I wear sunglasses for every single occassion. It could be bright and sunny as a summer solstice or dark as an eclipse. We could be outdoors or indoors; whatever the situational circumstances are, most likely, I will will have a pair of shades on.


Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. And believe it or not, it is not because I am too COOL for school and above any sense of etiquette as my mother trained me rather well. The reason I wear my sunglasses religiously is because they serve as my energy shield. The window to the soul is indeed via our beautiful wonderous eyes. And in my flow of work, I literally run into every kind of energy you could imagine. Wearing my shades, allows me to have the choice of whether or not I want to engage with other beings and to what level. I feel everyone should have the free will to select when and where one would like to engage another on an energetic level. It may sound wacky, but it is my truth for my journey on this planet and it serves and honors me brilliantly well.


So, to all of the souls on the planet navigating this fleeting journey called LIFE, there is a company called A Vanity Affair, that creates super DOPE shades. These beauties are economical so you do not have to choose between style and financial stability as having more money in your pocket is alwaya a plus. And if you are like me and lose sunglasses too often than not, you can replace them without sweating about it.


I must say what made me the most enamored with the shades from A Vanity Affair are the wide array of styles their sunglasses embody. Whether you want a classic aviator look or a futuristic and fun octagon aesthetic, you really cannot go wrong. And if you are into vibrant colors or even gold and rose gold, well let’s just say you are in for a real treat.


Check out the link and let us know which pair are your favorites

Stay up and stay COOL.

💜Love & Light🌞,