Well, it’s that time again! You know when I start ranting about some new BMW

I have been hunting and hunting to get a hold of some info on this bad boy and I finally got it!

The BMW 8-Series concept is here and in my opinion should be a go. BMW released the concept last week and it has been the talk of the town since. The new sporty luxury vehicle is one of the first concepts released by BMW this year. It is said that they are highly interested in releasing the vehicle, but still have a lot of testing to do. I found that to be very informative especially because it has only been about 2 years since the release of the BMW I8. The I8 has been doing rather well and was once a concept presented by BMW.

I personally love the BMW brand because of the pride they take in building their machines. I suppose this is why they have coined BMW to be the ultimate driving machine. The photos were also released and look like the next level of four door luxury vehicles, but you should take a peek and see for yourself.


Signing Off!