This week it is all about the look! As PARIS FASHION WEEK came to an end I noticed it was all about comfort on and off the runway! Fashion has been at it’s peek for a while with everything being about high fashion but now the turn around begins. The first look is a jean jacket 2 piece which we have not really seen since the 80’s if I might add.Now what’s best about the whole thing is the great material choice, we all know jean comes many ways but this has to be the best choice it seems to have a bit of movement which always a plus! Now for the best part which for me was the jacket addition, this set the tone for the whole look in my opinion. When you consider layering it always seems like it would not work at first but after a few tries you get the hang of it and the addiction begins. A job well done for sure!


Next up is this incredible creme look and we all know creme is the color of choice for this season!The 2 piece over sized jogger is a win the mandarin neck is a smash if I do say so myself. I love the front pockets which gives the look a bit more texture, in my opinion you could not get any more comfortable.


When I arrived at this look I realized I had taken a serious liking to two pieces which came in the production of this week’s write up. That leads me into look 3 which is a patterned 2 piece jogging suit! Which I have not seen many of this season this look to me is a bold statement piece and says bold in more ways than one. I am sure someone out their will enjoy it! I know for sure Cristen would she loves the bold effect I hope you do too


Last but not least was every man’s favorite combo which is of course a t-shirt and joggers! Now what I found most amazing was the trench coat addition, it actually gives it a more dressed up feel in a weird way. The trench coat has definitely been a smash this season and this was a great way to give some flavor. Now this is something every man can do and I think it’s worth a try!! Enjoy and let’s get ready for summer.


Signing Off