“I’LL TAKE TWO”, is a phrase that is literally music to my ears, especially when it comes to cars. Why, because I am fanatical about cars of course. And anyone, who is an avid car lover, knows exactly what I am talking about 100%.


BMW is and has always been the ultimate driving machine. And for those who do not know about cars, BMW has had an amazing track record with car and bike production. Today, I will shine a little light on the BMW I8, which is the newest car to hit the production line. The I8 has been seen on the road, but only 7,200 were made in the first run! The car was released first in Germany then brought to the US upon arrival. And you better believe, the success of this fine automobile is still leaving consumers dazed and dreaming.


The car of course started out as a concept as most high end super cars do; but what is most dynamic, is the that this brilliantly conceived concept, actually made it to production. And the most exciting part is that this design is actually an electric vehicle! Yes, I said electric (not 100% but enough to give the OZONE a break, that’s for sure). The car runs on an electric battery, but can also run off fuel if you forget to plug up!


To be 100% honest, I, along with others I am sure, have not wrapped my mind around the whole plugging your car up thing. However, it seems to be working rather well for many, so where do I sign up for the next release?

And by the way, I’LL TAKE TWO!!

Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè