Well, spring has arrived and it crept up on us fast! Before you know it, summer will be here and everyone will have their half tops and shorts handy! In the mean time and in-between time, I think that spring should be enjoyed and pushed to the limits with patterns and light colors. Of course the pattern thing is typically a bit shaky for the average person, but combined with the right colors and confidence, it could really take your outfit to the next level!

Patterns and light colors are not ever really my first pick, but it is time for change as they say! The truth is, when the two are combined, you get magic as shown in this photo. BOTH looks are super solid. Whether paired with a super cool sport-coat or a blazer, the look is sure to be a hit.

VERY IMPORTANT TIP: When constructing this look, always keep in mind, a solid color gets you across the finish line. However, print on print, will activate what I call a FASHION PROBLEM! This little tip can take you a long way if executed properly.


Send some pictures in if you try it and let me know how it works out! And always remember, IT IS IMPORTANT IN ALL THAT YOU DO, TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A MOMENT!

Signing Off