SEXY,SLEEK & SMOKIN is the best way to introduce the PORSCHE E PERFORMANCE!! The E PERFORMANCE is a concept car that PORSCHE introduced at the INTERNATIONAL MOTOR SHOW FRANKFURT. It is the best concept car I have seen since the production of the BMWI8. Porsche revealed the concept to be an electric sports car and that is crazy in and of itself! Looks like TESLA will have a few hiccups if this happens.

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Of course we all know driving a porsche means it will be at its spectacular best! Porsche made it clear that their goal is to be the future of sports cars and find ways to offer sustainability, mobility, digitization and still remain on trend. They also made mention that they would like to bring some unique qualities of the porsche from the race track to the road! Now that sounds super exciting which is really super when building SUPER CARS. The porsche will go from about 0-100 in 3.5 seconds top speed will be 250MPH.

-Tasha Bouè