Ever innovating, Apple has recently released news about its next creation and evolution of a  star product, the iPad Pro.  At first glance I wondered, “what makes the iPad Pro better or any different from the regular model?” I never really found the regular iPad to be very useful so I questioned the worth of having a “Pro” version. However, the iPad Pro is said to be larger and faster with more capabilities than the regular version .

Seemingly marketed toward creatives, the iPad Pro features a brushed aluminum body, beveled edges, edge to edge glass and a physical home button with Touch ID. It’s as thin as an iPhone at 6.5mm and feels lighter than you would expect for a device with a 12.9 and includes an Apple Pencil that allows for better design capabilities. The iPad Pro is available now for pre-order with prices starting at $799 – thinking about snagging one for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!