When the industry says no, sometimes you have to say yes and push towards your dreams anyway. Rebekah Marine, a New Jersey-born congenital amputee, is a perfect example of what perseverance can do. Marine  nearly gave up on her dream of becoming a fashion model when a casting director told her she would never make it. But she didn’t let that stop her. In recent years, she has strutted down some of the fashion industry’s most exclusive runways, all while modeling one of the most advanced bionic arms on the market.

“Being a model with a disability has been extremely difficult over the past couple years. Agencies often won’t even look at my portfolio. But I’ve come to realize it’s all about finding your niche,” Marine said to Mashable.  “I’ve accepted that most clients may not want to work with me based on my ‘disability.’ Above all, I hope to land on the cover of Vogue one day — that’s my personal goal. And I won’t stop until I get there.”

Rebekah Marine is an example of what dedication and an indelible spirit can help you accomplish, she’s an inspiration for all… and that’s really cool.