Well this week is a little different I had to get my mind wrapped around where HOOD BY AIR was going with this. To those who don’t know HBA is A well known brand owned by Shayne Oliver who is most popular in the LGBTQ community as well as the FASHION world! HOOD BY AIR  has become a go to brand for kool kids all over the world, of course cool to us is being yourself so that takes weird to another level. Shayne has created collection after collection but this one is one for the books, from colors to cuts. HBA is most known for it’s crazy run way shows where the models and the clothes are in competition for the attention. The HBA models are always a staple and that is what makes FASHION FASHION! Every piece that hits the runway has a story and in your mind you want to know what it is. From a piece that is completely dis structured to a kilted pair of pants the roads are endless, and let’s not forget the models heavy accessory gear including pacifiers but not exempt to diapers. The range is very wide and this is what I love most about the HOOD BY AIR BRAND. Shayne chose amazing colors and crazy cuts for this collection his true idea was to make baby clothes for adults, how this goes together we may never understand but some beautiful garments were birthed. But what I also was able to notice was that my guy SUNNY DE SOSA was one of the models! I have known SUNNY many years, since he was a kid to be exact. Seeing Sunny on the runway was a crazy situation because his aesthetic is so bold, I am sure this is what Shayne saw as well. The crazy tatted look has been a new wave in the fashion business especially in runway. Shayne has always used beautiful people in his shows and I am sure it will only get better. The looks were solid and the show was a smash and to me that is the true definition of a win win situation! congrats Shayne and a job well done Mr.Sunny De Sosa!

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Signing Off

-Tasha Bouè