And OHHHHHHH what A night it was in FASHION last night!! Last night the 2016 MET GALA was held in NEW YORK CITY and it was a night for the HIGH FASHION GAWDS!! Of course everyone showed up in their best outfit from their favorite designer. Guest began to arrive at about 8pm to start tearing the carpet down, from KATTY PERRY to ZOEY KRAVITZ it was a site to see! But only 10 made my list. This MET was wizard of oz themed and everyone got as creative as they could. Now who would be the most creative is the question ANNA WINTOUR has! Would it be BEYONCE in PVC or GIGI HADID with the metal accents. Never the less everyone did an amazing job with their looks from the fit to the custom pieces it was a score. The only thing the FASHION KINGS AND QUEENS did notice is that a few people came out to play with looks that had already been worn to the GALA and we all know that is a major FASHION PROBLEM. I won’t waste my time getting into all that but check out my top 10 picks below!









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