To those who do not know it is A sad day in hip-hop, AFENI SHAKUR Mother to 2PAC SHAKUR has passed away. AFENI was 69 years old and her cause of death has not yet been released, but the family has expressed that this is a very tuff loss.


2PAC SHAKUR one of the most talked about rappers in the 90’s made it clear he loved his mother! He released a single entitled “DEAR MAMA” on his 20th anniversary album “ME AGAINST THE WORLD” that was A instant hit and hit homes all over America.


2PAC grew up with his mother and sister and always made it clear his farther was not around but he missed him. AFENI was a huge BLACK PANTHER ACTIVIST and believed in owning her power to help create a better society, she shared this same belief with her son and it showed.

2PAC was always creative his mother expressed and knew he would be A great voice to the people one day despite the lifestyle that was portrayed of him.

2PAC was more than just a rapper to most he was a poet he had a way with words and connecting them perfectly to his emotion, this was a quality that could not be built.


Although 2PAC has been dead for over 10 years some still hope he would come back but the sad part is he did not, this shows us the seriousness of life and what it means to value it. I am not quite sure what shift is happening universally but it is A BIG one! We are loosing some of the greats so early from PRINCE on down it is getting rough. We must always remember the importance of our history and the people that came before us it is the most important part of growth.


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