Welcome back to another divinely inspired reading!

How do we definitively define goals? How do we know which goals are worth tending to until fruition? Earl Nightingale said it very clear with his statement that “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

How do we determine our ideas worthiness? Well, it’s safe to say that we are wholeheartedly worthy beings here on this beautiful and abundant planet. With our worth being clear to see, anything that excites us is worth investigating. Our heart is our innate compass, what brings us excitement is something that will and can bring us fulfillment and joy. Start with the questions such as “What brings me joy?” “What adds to my natural state of happiness” “What excites me?” “What energizes my life?”


Once you find a worthy goal or ideal, now you start with planting the seed that the attainment of this goal is possible. You can have exactly what makes your heart sing. Knowing and accepting this in your conscious mind then plants the seed into your subconscious mind. After the seed has been planted, now comes the tender loving care and conscious watering of this precious seed of creation!


You see our conscious minds are the Gardener of our entire lives, sowing seeds with our every thought. The seeds we sow are constantly being planted in our Garden, or subconscious mind. From this subconscious realm, all of our reality is brought to fruition. This is why it is crucial to be impeccable with your words and thoughts.  I will elaborate more on how to bring your goals to fruition on next weeks post, part two. Stay tuned!


Sending you love and healing energies, always.
Kyle Polansky