Now if anyone is questioning the hot love affair that Rihanna and Drake have manifested, this fashion statement piece should tell it ALL as we see Ri Ri rock the fur flawlessly of course at the end of summer leaving Chelsea’s 1Oak club. This hot heart-shaped red fur piece is absolutely STUNNING & effortlessly SPUNKY. And I am not surprised that the Parisian label, Saint Laurent, decorates the inside of this beauty.


Designed by Heidi Slimane in the last Saint Laurent collection, Modern Love, and made in Italy from died finish fox fur, this wonderdul creation is the epitome of rocker chic.

BOTTOM LINE: I want this furry hearty animal like yesterday, but of course would opt to not pay $15,500 for it like Ri Ri opted I am sure as well.


So until I get gifted with one of these heart fur moments that literally look like it has wings that ejaculate from the back, so that I can fly to all the various upcoming fashion shows in NY, London, Milan and Paris, perhaps this wicked photo could serve as an inspirational piece of some sort.

Does anyone know how to make this? If so, hit me in the DM @heARTofcool.

💜Love & Light🌞,
Cristen M. Mills