Well this week is a special time as we all know only because PFW has rolled around again. This week is all about how it all came together! Paris runway is known to be a hard one even for the most experienced. First up is BALMAIN known to do what most will not! The BALMAIN team has conquered many looks and this army inspired collection is no different. The color choices are killer and the colors are solid, tan has been the color of the season for quite some time now and is still winning. Black of course is and will always be uniform and that is the bottom line! Now to discuss what really sparked my interest the sandal addition is the new accent for men and remember you heard it here first! The sandal look has been easing it’s way on the scene for a while but has now finally arrived and is ready for action. 5 years ago men in sandals would have sound crazy but now not so much, this is something I think we that brands like BALMAIN for. It is hard as a designer to present work confidently and know that what you have envisioned will be well received, this is and will always be a constant battle. Kudos to the balmain team for a job well done on pushing the envelope right across the table.


Next up is MOSCHINO of course! MOSCHINO is known to do what’s bright and right this is a small reflection of their lead designer JEREMY SCOTT. The brand has been around many years and has really found a way to hit the scene with some funky fresh looks. Next up is this bright orange jean inspired look, it literally could not be any cooler. The color says it all, the material ad’s a flared texture that is quite the visual ride and that is enough! The creativity speaks volumes and this is one of the elements that make RUNWAY runway. Moschino has been the topic of many discussions and this is just one part of the reason, great work!


Last but not least we have PRADA! Of course I do not expect anything less than the cool and calm from PRADA. The whole idea of what the prada team does is based off the cool! That element is what I love most about the brand it is something only a few out there posses. Prada hit the runway with the looks that say I am totally ready for summer, weather it’s the cut off shirt or the sandal addition you have a way to express your summer excitement. The sandal look is spotted here too and after PFW it will be more often than not! Trend spotting is something that makes the fashion world go round and someone has to do it, so I choose too!


Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè