Well, Future said it best when he said he woke up in a new Bugatti; and he was serious, which, made others wonder, what it even was! Well let me explain: the Bugatti is what is known as a super car. It is and will always be the machine of all machines.

The Bugatti is the most powerful produced street car in the world! Best known for the most popular version, the VEYRON, which is said to be better than the newly released CHIRON. Bugatti released the CHIRON A few days ago with A 8.0 liter quad turbo W16 motor and is about 340 pounds heavier than the VEYRON. Of course everyone can’t have one; with only 500 being produced, starting at 2.6Million. Keep in mind; that is just stock, no perks included. The super car will be the fastest car on the street doing about 261mph top speed, which is about 62mph more than the VEYRON! Not sure if that makes a difference. I mean is hitting 200mph a real possibility? Although I do believe anything is possible, I hope to see one of these in person real soon!

Signing Off
-Tasha Bouè