Well stepping into it daily is what it is all about! And that’s a life gem. We wake up daily and have to step into life! And if you are creative, you wake up different daily and you understand that deciding what you are going to put on, is a ritual that truly is based on feeling. This is what fashion is surrounded by. Everyone’s feelings are a big part of the process and is by far the hardest thing to gauge as every day brings a new dynamic and reality. Here are some dope steps to take if you are bold and edgy enough. We all know this life of fashion takes courage. Just remember: it is all about be being YOU!

STEP 1: To the guy that thinks that well constructed boots do not exist anymore say HELLO to TAFT!! Taft is the best constructed boot I have seen in a while. The JACK BOOT is a hit. The brown and black color options are as solid as they come for the classic man, but definitely could work for the working woman as well. I have seen boots all over the world and TAFT, hands down, beats all of the boots I have seen this far! Taft owners, KORY AND MALLORY, have taken serious pride in this product. What is even more amazing is that KORY AND MALLORY are entrepreneurs like Cristen and myself. They started making socks and now are producing a full-blown mens shoe and accessory line! We cannot wait to see what they have up next.


STEP 2: ADIDAS took a step into the future with the special edition classic shell toes which encompasses bold colors and a hard metallic toe. Now these two beauties are a classic duo! The gold and silver color options are bold and cutting edge, which is a great reflection of the infamous film, Star Wars. The shoes are a great addition to the ADIDAS portfolio and your closet if I may add. The STAR WARS franchise has been around for many years and will continue to live on through amazing products like this. So if you are a collector of everything Star Wars affiliated, it makes the purchase that much more solid.  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!


STEP 3: This was a tough one, but step 3 goes to Adidas once again the TUBULAR gsg9 caught my eye immediately! This is a great step into it shoe for a comfortable day in my opinion. The TUBULAR concept was created by ADIDAS. The concept is most popular on the Yeezy Boost and Boots, which are the number one seller for ADIDAS right now! The dynamic collaboration between Mr.Kanye West and ADIDAS is a match made in heaven and is definitely what the doctor ordered. These TUBULAR gsg9 boots are a combination of NYLON AND SUEDE paired with a high cut for the edge. The matte toe bumper is an asset for sure as one of the hardest things to do is keep your shoes from getting scuffed up. The fact that Adidas incorporated this shield makes this show a dream come true as far as I am concerned.


Signing Off!
– Tash