Well, with all of the latest advancements of technology, it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that Mercedes Benz has created a concept car that not only allows manual driving, but also the operation of an autonomous driving system as well. To paraphrase, this means that you don’t have to drive the car at all!

The technology race is evolving and moving faster than we could ever have imagined! Just in this year alone, we’ve gone from barless segways to hover boards and now a car that can drive itself. Life as a whole is happening so fast and it’s safe to say that with the way things are headed it’ll be the “Fifth Element”  way of life on this planet called Earth in no time.

The new futuristic Benz F015 has a carbon fiber shock safe body to absorb the shock of a collision, as well as, saloon style doors that open 90 degrees and white Napa leather seats. Elevating the cool factor, the car is equipped with four passenger rotating seats, allowing face to face conversation for all riders. As much as we like to tell stories, this is the feature we would benefit from the most. The concept is absolutely MIND-BLOWING and if Mercedes Benz pushes the button on this one, automotive transportation will have been officially revolutionized.

Benz Concept Car 10

Like it or not, the future is coming. The only question is, are you ready for it?

– Cris & Tash