“What are those?!!”: The sarcastic exclamation frequented on social media when we see shoes that are divinely EXTRA-Ordinary. Sometimes this expression is used to highlight something outrageous and or comical. However, in this case, for all Heart of Cool purposes, “those”, signify an outrageously style imbued beauty marked with an authentically fashion forward air of genuis.

These shoes below are carefully embellished with the influence of many cultures. Look closely at the details and enhancement each stud, cut out, fringe, or mixed material provides. SIMPLY FLAWLESS.

Well, what exactly are “those” ? They are none other than IVY KIRZHNER NEW YORK. It has been just 4 years since Ivy launched IVY KIRZHNER NEW YORK. Previously known as the Creative Director and Head Designer of footwear for BCBGMaxAzria, Herve Keger, Dolce Vity and VC signature for Vince Camuto, Ivy Kirzhner, continues to fulfill her reputation of creating show stopping, mouth dropping, art on your feet.

In close, put it this way: whenever I wear IVY’S shoes, people stop and ask, “what are those?” EVERY TIME I WALK OUT OF MY HOUSE. So, take a look at some of my absolute favorites righ now below.

Valarie's Shoes

You can see clearly how Ivy’s love for the arts translates into her designs. She isn’t just a designer. Ivy is a gifted fashion visionary with many talents: singing, songwriting and photography.  Her shoes take my closet and conversations to new heights. I live to post and purchase things that incite conversation and have everyone asking me, “what are those”?  And the arts expose you to something new. They really make you think.

Ivy’s designs combine all that she is as an artist and they move you from within. There is no doubt that her shoes are art. The coolness of life is exposure to the things that you don’t know. I think Ivy combines cultural influences in conjunction with bold designs that is what creates the true impact.


17 weeks ago Ivy posted this picture and said, “Every cool girl is half boy”. And since I couldn’t agree more, I implore you to feast your eyes on these sneakers I absolutely adore. They are 100% for the “Heart of Cool” style maven. Check out @ivykirzhner on Instagram.

-All the cool things, Valarie Barnett (@vbellaesq), HOC Contributor