There’s something magical about this MR.FLAWLESS gentleman, so I just have to share! Mr. Flawless, is a brand that I have seen around for years, but I really did not understand comprehensively at first. And it is quite funny because I remember getting a package about three and a half years ago with a hat that just said MR.;  and I for the life of me, could not understand what would prompt someone to just put MR. on a hat! Well I now know why and it is genius!!!!!


MR.FLAWLESS a.k.a; GREG YUNA,  the owner of the MR.FLAWLESS brand, is a creative visionary, who understands FASHION and ART on a high level. Yuna has been creating specialty jewelry pieces for the past 4 years and is now coming in flaming hot!


Yuna first entered the door of the business with MR. FLOYD MAYWEATHER, who actually was Yuna’s first client. As we all know, MAYWEATHER always takes a liking to artists and visionaries as he is one himself. He truly understood Yuna and helped point him in the right direction. And since then, Yuna has taken MR.FLAWLESS to new levels creating hand made custom pieces of sneakers, Jesus pieces and time pieces.


These specialty items are made in the heart of the diamond district and are purchased by any one you could think of: from NICK CANNON, BUN B, TREY SONGZ and others. The FLAWLESS brand has partnered with brands such as NICE KICKS and NIKE, where Yuna created hand custom set diamond pieces! And since then, the brand has been elevating rapidly into the ART world.


Flawless did A crazy installation right in the middle of the street, where he placed a wall of connected rolls of tissue and a real toilet in the middle of 6th street in the bustling, nonstop city of NEW YORK!!! I am not sure how many of you are familiar with NYC and the 6th street area, but this is a very busy area at all times of the day. And ofcourse, this is not Yuna’s first time creating a little healthy organized chaos. In fact, Flawless has parked GHOSTS in the middle of 6th street and stood on them holding up traffic, earning him the crown of the 6th street god.


Flawless is a visionary, who like us here at heART of Cool (HoC), believes that leaders make leaders! This principle in which our foundation is built on, will indeed be the way of the future. Yuna, you are something special for the people to see and experience. And Cristen and I, cannot wait to have the FLAWLESS experience. Keep the noise making alive!!!

Signing Off!