You have two months to outdo yourself with your winter wardrobe. The weather has been a bit drab, but your closet doesn’t have to be.

This week lets accept the challenge to finish the winter season strong with these cool ideas:

  1. People said 2015 was short, but nothing was shorter than the crop tops we all wore. Crop tops are continuing to be a strong trend. Pair your favorite crop top with a long jacket to winterize the look that is lingering.crop-top


  2. Add a cropped jacked over your longer layered look to give yourself a Monday pick me up.cropped-jacked
  3. Its winter not Armageddon, feel free to add a pair of colored boots to your wardrobe.outdo-yourself-with-your-own-winter-wardrobe


  4. The East Coast was warmer than the West Coast last week. What a great opportunity to wear your favorite summer dress with layers to stay warm, but mix things up a bit.favorite-summer-dress